Radhakrishnan Gopalakrishnan

CTO, Litmus7

Radhakrishnan Gopalakrishnan – Chief Technology Officer at Litmus7

Radhakrishnan is the Chief Technology Officer at Litmus7, a global retail-centric digital design company headquartered in India. As the CTO of Litmus7, he is responsible for the overall technology strategy for the organization.

Radhakrishnan has over 20 years of consulting experience in the Information Technology industry and specializes in areas like ominchannel commerce, store digital transformation and retail operations optimization. Prior to his current role Radhakrishnan has been working with some of the leading global retailers across the US, UK, Europe, APAC and was responsible for architecting and building their global omnichannel commerce platforms.

Radhakrishnan’s vast background and wealth of experience spans across a wide spectrum of digital technologies and putting it in practice to solve various retail industry challenges. He strongly believes that with new technology trends like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Augmented and Virtual reality, there will be a remarkable shift in how retailers connect and do business with customers, suppliers and other business partners.